Garden Design Process

Our Process

Janine offers a complete design and build service to ensure the gardens are constructed and finished to the highest standard and for this reason Janine is unable to offer a design only service.

The construction is carried out by teams of trusted contractors and craftsmen who have been building Janine’s designs for many years.

All Janine’s designs are hand drawn, highly detailed and fully annotated.

All gardens are different and require an individual approach however the following stages generally apply.


The first stage of the process is to meet with the client to provide further information about the services offered and to discuss the client’s individual requirements. At this meeting Janine will talk through the design and build process in greater detail and will look at the garden with the client to discuss what they are hoping to achieve and the budget available.

Following this meeting a brief will be prepared which will be a summary of the discussion about the garden outlining the client’s requirements. This will be sent to the client for approval along with a cost breakdown of the design fees.

On acceptance of the brief and the fees quotation a survey will be arranged.


Janine surveys the majority of the projects herself to ensure a thorough understanding of the space, recording all measurements and levels and assessing the aspect and environment and taking a photographic record. The site survey forms the basis of the design. Occasionally, depending on the complexity of the site, a professional surveying company may be required.


Draft Plan
Janine works up a draft design based on the elements on the client’s wish list whilst considering the style of the property and the location. This is a highly detailed plan and will include supporting images and drawings to fully help the client understand the concept. All proposed materials and features will be presented to the client for discussion.

Design Plans

Master Plan
On approval of the draft plan the master plan is produced. This is a scale plan in colour showing the layout of the new garden in great detail. It is fully annotated with all features and hard landscaping materials shown.

Specification Document
This is a written document detailing everything required to bring the design to fruition. This is used in conjunction with the master plan when pricing and building the garden.

Construction Drawings
Depending on the proposed design it may be necessary to provide construction drawings for certain elements such as bespoke timber/metal work, water features etc.

Setting Out Plan
This is a working drawing detailing the dimensions of the design to allow the contractor to set it out on the ground prior to starting the build.


On completion of the design process a quotation for the garden construction will be provided. On acceptance of this the work will be scheduled. This will be a complete build including planting to provide a fully realised garden.


Janine has a vast knowledge of plants and where to source them having spent many years in the wholesale nursery trade.

Planting Plans
These are drawings of the proposed new planting areas showing plant name, position, pot size and plant size. A quote to supply the plants is provided on completion of the planting plans.


After care and maintenance schedules can be supplied at the client’s request to ensure the garden flourishes and develops.

Janine Crimmins Garden Design
Cheshire Garden Designer
There is a small fee for the initial consultation and due to the commitment of the service offered we are unable to work on projects with a total design and build budget of less than £30,000.