Our Garden Design Process

We offer a complete design and build service to ensure the gardens we create are constructed and finished to the highest standard. All gardens are different and require an individual approach however the following stages generally apply.

Initial Consultation

Janine always meets clients at their garden to provide further information about the service we offer and to assist potential clients in understanding how engaging a garden designer will help realise their hopes and wishes for their garden. At this meeting Janine can assess the site and also understand the aims of the client and discuss budgets and timescales.


Following the site visit a Client Brief will be prepared which is a summary of the meeting and outlines the direction the design will take. Included with the brief will be an estimate to prepare the design plans. On acceptance of the brief and the estimate an appointment will be made to survey the garden.


Janine undertakes the surveys personally to ensure she has a thorough understanding of the space. The aspect and environment will be assessed, measurements and ground levels will be recorded and a photographic record will be taken.

Design Plans

Draft Plan
Janine prepares all the plans which are hand drawn and highly detailed. The draft plan is a scale drawing showing the proposed layout of the garden including features and materials. This plan will be presented to the client for discussion along with supporting images, sketches and samples of materials to help the client fully understand the concept.

Master Plan
On approval of the draft plan the master plan will be finalised. This is a hand drawn and coloured scale plan showing the design of the new garden in great detail. The plan is fully annotated with all features and hard landscaping materials shown.

Construction Drawings
Depending on the design of the garden construction details may need to be drawn for bespoke elements such as timber/metal work, water features etc.

Setting Out Plan
Depending on the complexity of the design a setting out plan may be required, this is a working drawing which provides all the dimensions and levels to enable the design to be set out on the ground prior to construction.


On completion of the design process Andrew will prepare a quotation for the garden construction and on acceptance of this the build will be scheduled. Andrew has a small team working with him and he is on site throughout the build to ensure that everything runs smoothly and quality is maintained. Andrew operates a clean and quiet site to minimise the disruption to clients.


Janine spent a number of years working in the wholesale nursery trade so has a vast knowledge of plants and a network of reputable suppliers.

Planting Plans

These plans show all the new planting borders, detailing the plant positions, species and variety, pot size and plant size. On completion of the planting plans an estimate will be provided to supply the plants.

Plants are sourced and planted at the appropriate time of year to ensure successful uptake of the plants to enable the garden to flourish. The plants are set out in the garden by Janine to ensure her vision for the planting scheme is fully realised. Andrew and his team then plant up to complete the garden ready for the clients to enjoy.


The garden is dependent on good aftercare and on going maintenance to allow it to develop and evolve over the years. We build gardens to last and this can only happen if they are nurtured once we have left site. Maintenance schedules can be provided for clients or their gardeners to allow the garden to continue providing pleasure for many years to come.


At the initial consultation Janine will discuss budgets with clients to ensure their wishes for the garden are feasible. Budgets start at about £50,000 for a small garden.

Janine Crimmins Garden Design drawing
Janine Crimmins Garden Designer Cheshire Process