I am continuing down the small is beautiful road and considering the little details we introduce in our environment. The devil is in the detail and with attention to the small things something simple and practical becomes something special. When creating features for a garden, it is the individual consideration of the design details that makes a piece personal and interesting. As a flower throws up surprises the closer you look, so can garden features if designed with care and thought. To have something in your garden that is unique and timeless will be an endless source of pleasure.

Life can be very hectic so a few moments spent outside enjoying our surroundings can be a tonic and to be surrounded by beautiful things can be very uplifting. To have curious details scattered through a garden creates an enticing journey of discovery and encourages the eye to wander around the space. If a garden feature has been beautifully designed and is unique to the owner, then the piece is appreciated much more.

This tiny detail on a gate makes this a unique and fascinating piece; it is like having a mini piece of sculpture at the entrance to your garden.  A detail such as this invites comment and elevates a practical object to an object of interest and desire. Like the flower it invites you to take a closer look and consider the thought and craftsmanship that went in to creating it. This was produced by Chris Brammall www.chrisbrammall.com.

We should try and look beyond mass produced items and look for skilled craftsmen who have something original and special to offer. This not only introduces more unusual elements in our surroundings but supports skilled people who are producing beautiful things. This can be for a myriad of garden features i.e. gates, pergolas, pots, seats, tables, water features, sculpture, plant supports, garden rooms, and many more. They don’t have to be big and expensive, just beautiful.