My interest in art, design, colour and general good taste dictates my approach and opinions on garden design. My time digging, mowing, hoeing, raking and getting down and dirty was a means to an end and not necessarily an altogether enjoyable experience. I am a garden designer because I am interested in the beauty of gardens and the endless fascinating designs they reveal, whether planned, by chance or created by nature.

I would like to spend my time exploring these ‘endless fascinating designs’, from tiny details to vast spaces. I think I’ll start small, always a good idea.

Nature throws up some of the most intriguing shapes and colours which are an endless source of inspiration for artists and designers, from tiny seeds and furled leaves to vast tree canopies and swathes of grassland. Peering into a flower border there are numerous leaf and petal shapes, colours and textures all working together to create the bigger picture. If we look in to these little worlds we can learn so much about design, form, scale and proportion.

This beautifully designed and aptly named Mosaic plant is a perfect example of how something so small can be so perfect. Unfortunately it is one for the tropical climes, which Cheshire is most definitely not, but I spied this little chap at Kew Gardens, we can learn a lot from him.